A collection of more or less interesting facts about myself for those that really care to know:

  • My name is spelled Pieter, with an extra “i”. This is the Dutch version of the English name “Peter”, but it is spoken exactly the same as the English variant. The name Peter exists in German in exactly the same spelling, but it is spoken more like “Payter”.
  • I’ve got Dutch and German passports, however I was born and have been continously living next to Frankfurt, Germany, known to many at least by its airport that is (yet) the second largest in Europe behind London-Heathrow. For this and other reasons, I basically do not give so much about nationalities as it is cultural differences that matter much more.
  • I speak German, English and Dutch fluently while my French has remained at school level and my Swedish is more phantasy than real.
  • I studied Information Systems at Darmstadt Technical University, Germany, receiving my diploma in 2009. By now, nearly the whole German universitary system has switched to Bachelor and Master degrees, for better or for worse.
  • I spent almost nine years working for a subsidiary of German Linux company SUSE as self-proclaimed Senior Intern. My first purchased Linux distribution was “S.u.S.E. Linux 5.0” and I’m still using openSUSE nowadays for no special reason.
  • I worked at German Air traffic control‘s Linux Service and Competence Center, where my work centered around Linux, albeit this time from a large-scale user perspective with special requirements.
  • I’m currently a Freelancer, consulting in the field of configuration and systems management and developing in various projects, a lot of which in Python.
  • My IT interests focus on systems management, software development, wireless networks and hardware hacks. I do not really play games except sometimes some old Amiga ones.
  • Other things I care about include music in a passive way (that is, listening to it), movies (I am sort of a cineaste), cabaret, contemporary issues of politics and society and public transport. I also like to travel, go cycling and at times pretend to be funny or exactly the opposite.