LinuxCon Europe 2011 in Prague

I’m currently at the Linux Foundation’s LinuxCon Europe 2011 conference in Prague. I’ve been to the Collaboration Summit in San Francisco earlier this year, too, and I’m pleasantly surprised by the quality of the talks so far. This year’s talks seem to be a lot focussed on btrfs and ext4:

  • Quo vadis Linux File Systems: An Operations Point of View on Ext4 and BtrFS
  • The Ongoing Evolution of Ext4: New Features and Performance Enhancements
  • Ext4 Improvements For Cloud Servers
  • The Btrfs Filesystem: Status and New Features

These talks have actually all been quite good and not too superficial. Another topic I found rather often was High Availability:

  • Staying Alive – Establish a Nearly Unbreakable IT Infrastructure by Fair Means
  • Survey on HA Solutions on Linux
  • Fencing and maintaining sanity while using High Availability Clusters
  • Open Source Solutions for High Availability and Disaster Recovery

The talks in this area have not been quite as good, but still, seeing the topic itself represented was a good point. Further talks I liked include:

  • Optimal Usage of SSDs Under Linux: Optimize Your I/O Subsystem (although most of its contents had already been published in a recent c’t article)
  • What Goes into an Executable? Identifying a Binary’s Sources by Tracing Build Processes
  • Introduction to Configuration Management with Puppet
  • The Case AVM vs. Cybits: The GPL and Embedded Systems
  • CTDB + Samba: Clustered CIFS Services Growing Up

In addition, the Prague location, although at first rainy and later cloudy, turned out to be quite a good choice. The conference hotel seems to be a nice location to me and dining is really cheap in the Czech republic: consider a warm meal and two beers for 8 Euros :-)

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