python-netsnmpagent 0.3 released

February 27, 2013

python-netsnmpagent version 0.3 has just been released. Among other things it now comes with a ChangeLog. Highlights:

  • API change: “oidstr” and “initval” args were swapped
  • Support for SNMP contexts (thanks to Steven Hiscocks)
  • Compatibility with net-snmp versions <5.6
  • Bugfixes (eg. for counter wrapping, register scalar variables properly)


  • As usual, the direct source is the GitHub repo.
  • The source distribution .tar.gz for this release can be downloaded from the PyPI page.
  • Binary RPMs for SuSE distributions will be up later as soon as I find out how to build proper RPMs for both SuSE and non-SuSE distributions.

Posted in Coding, netsnmpagent, Python, SNMP by Pieter Hollants

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