python-netsnmpagent 0.4.6 released

python-netsnmpagent version 0.4.6 has just been released.

This is mainly a bugfix release with no new functional features in netsnmpagent itself:

  • With net-snmp 5.4.x, strings used to be limited in length to their initial value, an update with a longer string would truncate these. Credits for tracking down the issues behind the bug go to Max “mk23” Kalika.
  • A new subdir examples was created, example_agent renamed to simple_agent and a new second example named threading_agent was added, that demonstrates how one can use Python’s threading module to allow for asynchronous data updates.
  • All examples now use the clone’s local netsnmpagent copy instead of a possibly already installed system-wide one.
  • More explicit advertising for alternative AgentX transports, eg. TCP. We did already support these before, though.

Choices to get the software:

  • As usual, the source is available at the GitHub repo.
  • The source distribution .tar.gz for this release can be downloaded from the PyPI page.
  • You can either build binary RPMs for SuSE distributions yourself (download and make rpms) or pick them up from my Open Build service project — just click on the Repositories tab and one of the Go to download repository links.

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