Setting the MTU on NetworkManager connections

It is August 2015. Unfortunately it is still not possible to manually specify the MTU to be used on non-Ethernet NetworkManager connections (eg. VPN connections but also PPP).

Not that is has not been requested years ago. Choose one of the many bug reports:

Safe for the fact that they’re partially redundant reports, just imagine what would have happened if the devs had simply provided a MTU field for every connection type, empty by default but allowing to explicitly configure one. But no, that would have confused users *rolleyes*

Enough ranting, for VPN connections the workaround remains. Create a script /etc/NetworkManager/dispatcher.d/vpn-up:


if [ "$2" = "vpn-up" ]; then
	/sbin/ifconfig "$1" mtu 1392

Still thinking that it’s sufficient to backup /home before your next distribution upgrade/reinstall? Good luck…

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