My LOADays 2018 talk “Simple system testing with Roundup and Ansible”

In 2018 the LOADays conference returns to Antwerp, Belgium on April 21st/22nd. LOADays stands for “Linux Open Admin Days” and is a small non-commercial conference targeted not only at the Belgian sysadmin/infrastructure scene, run by many of the fine folks that also brought you cfgmgmtcamp in Ghent. As with cfgmgmtcamp, instead of pissing off people with ever-increasing ticket prices, entrance is for free thanks to a number of sponsors.

I’ll be giving a talk on Saturday, April 21st on Simple system testing with Roundup and Ansible. You may want to check it out if you’re doing Ansible or other form of config management and interested in ensuring that the installed system actually meets your expectations.

UPDATE: Slides for my talk are now available at Speakerdeck.