python-netsnmpagent 0.4 released

python-netsnmpagent version 0.4 has just been released, more accidentally almost a month after 0.3. This release has only smaller changes that can be seen in the ChangeLog.

Update: I pushed a 0.4.1 that has a fixed .spec file that should fix the RPM build problems on OBS.

Update2: 0.4.2, just pushed, should make it possible to build for SLES11 and SLES11SP1, as well.


  • As usual, the direct source is the GitHub repo.
  • The source distribution .tar.gz for this release can be downloaded from the PyPI page.
  • You can either build binary RPMs for SuSE distributions yourself (download and make rpms) or pick them up from my Open Build service project — just click on the Repositories tab and one of the Go to download repository links.

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