New DokuWiki plugin authsplit

As a follow-up to my posts on HTTP authentication / Single Sign-On (SSO) with DokuWiki and New DokuWiki plugin authhttp, I have now released my second auth plugin for DokuWiki called authsplit.

Just like authhttp, authsplit was inspired by Grant Gardner’s ggauth. It is, however, not a direct port.

authsplit allows one to combine the functionality of two existing DokuWiki auth plugins to achieve a greater goal. This suggests using authsplit to combine a rather primitive, yet for some reason particularly useful auth plugin with an auth plugin that is more powerful, yet for some reason not useful enough if used on its own. The example that comes to mind is to use authhttp as primary auth plugin and authplain as secondary auth plugin, thereby combining the advantages of reusing HTTP authentication information with an auth plugin that supplements everything HTTP authentication can’t offer, such as email addresses.


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