Updates to DokuWiki authhttp and authsplit plugins

May 4, 2013

I’ve just pushed Bugfix updates for my two DokuWiki plugins:

  • authhttp has received a small, but important bugfix: its config interventions, eg. disabling the “login” action, used to apply already as soon as the plugin was activated, even if it wasn’t the active authentication plugin. This caused weird effects when trying out other auth plugins.
  • authsplit has also received a bugfix: in createUser() we always tried to create the user in the primary auth plugin as long as it supported creating users, even if the user already existed. This didn’t show up with authhttp, of course, as it can’t create users, but caused trouble with authmysql, for instance.

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2 Comments to "Updates to DokuWiki authhttp and authsplit plugins"

  1. D. Crocker wrote:

    I’m trying to implement your “authsplit” so we can update to “weatherwax.” Can you give a hint as to how to clear up this error:

    PHP Fatal error: Cannot access protected property auth_plugin_authplain::$cando in /var/www/html/dokuwiki-2011-05-25/lib/plugins/authsplit/auth.php on line 82

  2. Pieter Hollants wrote:

    I’ll answer via E-Mail, seems more convenient to me :)

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