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  • Bringing OpenWrt to the Mikrotik hAP lite (RB941-2nD-TC)

    March 19, 2019

    In a previous post I described the Mikrotik hAP lite (RB941-2nD-TC) and its RouterOS and already suggested that I prefer to run OpenWrt on it. Because Mikrotik routers behave a bit different than the usual TP-Link, GL.iNet etc. devices and because there were some pitfalls I had to master myself, here’s some advice to keep […]

  • The Mikrotik hAP lite (RB941-2nD-TC) router and its RouterOS

    March 8, 2019

    The MikroTik hAP lite (RB941-2nD-TC) is the result of my search for a cheap but maintained/maintainable LAN router. In this post I’m going to introduce it in a bit more detail for the curious reader.

  • Choosing a cheap but maintained/maintainable LAN router

    March 8, 2019

    Recently I’ve been tasked with the problem of finding a router that had to fulfill five key requirements: it had to offer in total four to five LAN ports, have an internal or a detachable Wifi antenna (if at all), offer a maintained/maintainable firmware, be compact and, most of all, better be cheap, for a […]

  • The GL.iNet GL-AR150 (POE) router

    February 28, 2019

    More than once, a device rushed through my timeline that advertised itself through its minimal dimensions, its price and its OpenWrt capability: the GL.iNet AR-150. I now finally got around to have a use case, so I ordered one and had a closer look.

  • An overview of GL.iNet’s router offering

    February 23, 2019

    So far I’ve been an avid user of TP-Link gear when it comes to routers, for their price and feature set (e.g. USB ports) but most of all because you can rather easily run OpenWrt on them. A few times, however, GL.iNet has been rushing through my timeline.

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